About Kari

Kari is a Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner who has a passion for teaching people how to improve their health and overall life through safe, natural methods. As a nurse for over 26 years, she has always relied on natural options when caring for herself and her family so when she felt God place it on her heart to go down the path of Holistic, Naturopathic medicine, she embraced it whole heartedly.  Kari will help you to understand how mental, spiritual and physical aspects are all equally important in order for you to experience your fullest life. She believes each person is uniquely individual, and as such, deserves more personalized care and recommendations. Book an appointment or call today to find out how you can improve your health.


cíall (Old Irish)

Origin & history

From Proto-Celtic *kʷēslā‎; cognate to Welsh pwyll‎.


  • IPA: /kʲiːa̯l͈/


  1. (of persons) senseintelligencemind

  2. wisdomgood senseskill

  3. sense (means of perception)

  4. intentioncausereasonidea

  5. (of words, texts, etc.) significationmeaning

  6. (of grammatical forms) forcefunctionmeaning


It's time to take your health back into your own hands. 


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Licensed Massage Therapist, Jennifer H. Shafer, of Relax Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks, offers a wide range of massage therapy options as well as other integrative services, such as medi-cupping, to customize your visit. Jennifer has something for all ages and can meet you wherever you are.  Click on Jennifer's button below to get started. 

Certified Yoga Instructor, Malory Sukosd of Yara Yoga, offers a variety of group classes as well as  1-on-1 Yoga practice instruction sessions that are catered to each individual's physical, spiritual and mental health needs. Student's of any age are welcome. Malory also specializes in yoga for individuals with special needs and is fluent in American Sign Language. Click on Malory's button below to connect and learn more about her practice.

Ciall Wellness also offers a variety of other services, call or stop in to meet us and see how we can help YOU!