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Additional Services


 Attach For Life
Laurie Bertelsen

Laurie is a Certified Senior Life Coach, Inner Healing Specialist and Brain Spotting Practioner who is passionate about helping both adoptive families and individuals to overcome trauma. She has been trained in very specific techniques to help individuals heal and recover emotionally and spiritually and has a gentle process of helping the broken-hearted put their hearts back together again.


      Teri Moser

Teri is a Certified Life Coach who uses frequency to identity where toxic emotions, stress, ptsd, and anxiety are trapped in the body. She helps will help the alignment of your three brains and learn to think your best, feel your best and Be your best! 



Blue Ribbon Chiropractic
        Lisa Braden DC

Lisa provides chiropractic care for humans and animals. She utilize a variety of techniques to provide the most personalized treatment for your needs.


Relax Therapeutic Massage & Integrated Bodyworks LLC
     Jennifer H. Shafer LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, Jennifer, offers a wide range of massage therapy options as well as other integrative services, such as medi-cupping, to customize your visit. Jennifer has something for all ages and can meet you wherever you are.  


    Yara Yoga
Malory Sukosd

Certified Yoga Instructor, Malory, offers a variety of group classes as well as  1-on-1 Yoga practice instruction sessions that are catered to each individual's physical, spiritual and mental health needs. Student's of any age are welcome. Malory also specializes in yoga for individuals with special needs and is fluent in American Sign Language. 

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