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Addressing the cause, not masking the symptoms.

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Ciall Wellness 

cíall (Old Irish)

Origin & history

From Proto-Celtic *kʷēslā‎; cognate to Welsh pwyll‎.


  • IPA: /kʲiːa̯l͈/


  1. (of persons) senseintelligencemind

  2. wisdomgood senseskill

  3. sense (means of perception)

  4. intentioncausereasonidea

  5. (of words, texts, etc.) significationmeaning

  6. (of grammatical forms) forcefunctionmeaning

Meet The Team


My journey with natural medicine started long before I even knew it. When I was small, my grandma would take me out to gather herbs and medicinal plants to make a salad and tell me how to use them. I can’t say that I always loved the taste of them, but I really did love the time spent with her and the invaluable knowledge she passed on. I always knew I wanted to help people with their healing journey and chose nursing as my career. When I became a mother, I relied on natural methods to care for my children and my family with great success. After 28 years in the allopathic medical field, I felt the Lord calling me out of it and into holistic healing. My mission is to help, educate and empower anyone seeking to support their body to heal naturally. 



Growing up we always did natural remedies and organic products. When I heard about Kari coming to Columbiana I knew I needed to be a part of it in some way. Some of the many reasons I enjoy working here is seeing clients feeling better. Kari is so knowledgeable in what she does and always looking out for the clients. If I am not working at Ciall wellness you will find me in my garden attending my herbs and enjoying Nature as God intended it to be. 

My childhood years were filled with natural remedies and organic products, so when I found Kari and Ciall Wellness, I knew that I would fit right in. One of the many reasons I love working here is seeing how Kari’s clients feel validated and are given the tools and knowledge they need to thrive on their own personal health journey. Outside of working at Ciall Wellness, you’ll find me homeschooling my kiddo or tending to our vegetable garden. Gathering knowledge from Kari has been influential in my everyday life and I am excited for my future here.